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Why is the quality of our pedicures different?

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 10:43 PM Comments comments (126)

Today I thought I would go and have a pedicure at a nail salon. I won’t mention names as it’s not appropriate. 
I wanted to put their treatment to the test in order to see exactly what the difference is between the Nailotus pedicure and this salon. 
Let me tell you the difference in standards of a quality treatment and the service is astounding. At this salon not one word of communication between myself and the person performing the treatment. 
When I arrived, there was no welcome, only a look from a staff member. I asked for a pedi and was directed to the area with a point of a finger. 
No instruction to which pedi station, so I took it upon myself to sit at one of my choice. 
Then asked to move to the one next to the one I sat at. 
They filled the foot bath with water and then I was tapped on the foot and pointed to place my feet in the water. Which by the way it was way too hot. So my reflexes automatically retracted my feet from the water and then the staff member realised it was too hot and added cold water, however, then it was too cold and not a word from the staff member to ask me if I was happy with the temperature. This to me should be an absolute automated question by the staff as every customer has a preference and they should be given a choice. 
She then proceeded to tap my foot again to remove it out of the water and I only removed one, as this is what I assumed I was doing right, however, never assume as she wanted both out of the water. 
The next part of the treatment was for her to remove the gel colour on my toe nails, which she did do correctly by soaking them off. Once the gel colour was removed she proceeded to push back my cuticles and once again no effort or care to make sure that the cuticles were pushed back. In fact she hardly pushed them back, as she proceeded to get the cuticle nippers and started to cut my cuticles, living tissue and not non living tissue and pulling at the skin while doing so. This was very uncomfortable. At Nailotus we push the cuticle back gently and only remove non living tissue sitting on the nail plate. 

The next step was the cutting and filing of the toe nails. The files they used to file my toe nails were way too abrasive. She literally was filing over my skin on the next toe while filing my toe nails. The method of her filing had a lot to be desired as she was literally slapping the file over the nail and filing the skin under the free edge of my nail, which was extremely uncomfortable. I flinched on every filing stroke. These files used were actually for acrylic and not for natural nails, way too abrasive. 
At Nailotus we use files with a finer grit so that we don’t tare the nail when filing. We seperate the toes with our fingers to avoid filing across the next toe and use correct filing methods that are not a discomfort to our clients. 

She then used a razor to cut away my callus and this is a big no no, why you ask? As cutting away callus only increases the thickness of the callus over time. Also it is actually against health and hygiene guidelines to do so and podiatrists study for 4 years to be qualified to do this service.
At Nailotus we smooth the callus with a disposable foot file to reduce thickness gently and exfoliate to remove rough dry skin. Where needed we also apply callus remover for that tough thickened skin, which helps in aiding the smoothing process. 
When it came to the exfoliation of the treatment it literally lasted about 10 seconds for each leg and both legs were exfoliated to different heights of my leg, therefore no consistency with the treatment. No attention to detail of where my feet needed that additional attention, that is; heal of the foot or the ball of the foot. 
If you ask about the massage well that was virtually non existent. No method to the massage and once again lasted about 10 seconds and different on both legs. Not at all relaxing.  At Nailouts we pay attention to the customer needs; that is the pressure of the massage and consistency with every massage stroke. We make sure that each leg has a relaxation Swedish massage to relax the client almost putting our clients to sleep. Our massage encompasses the whole leg and foot. 
The products used in this pedi could not be determined as the bottles the products were in were generic with no labels. At Nailotus you will always know what we use as they are in the correct packaging and we use quality products with nothing to hide. 
Finally, it was time for the gel polish to complete the treatment. This was applied very well. Therefore credit must be given where deserved.  Once she completed the application, the toe separators were pulled off and the staff member left me there. Not a word of thank you or follow me through for payment. No, I was just left standing and had to ask her where to pay and once again a finger to point me in the right direction. 
I went to the counter paid $40 for this treatment, which by the way also wasn’t communicated when I arrived and not once was I asked if I had been a client before or if I was interested in any other treatments provided by this salon. Most importantly I was not advised on how often I should have a pedicure and home care to maintain my feet. 
Overall, if I were to rate this treatment I would give it a 2 out of 10 as the one thing she did well was removing the gel colour and the polish application. 
Therefore as a client today, I know what I would prefer as a treatment:
• someone that communicates with me • A treatment with consistency  • A treatment by someone who cares about the client  • A treatment performed to high standards from the beginning of a treatment to the very end.  • Products that are labelled so I know what is going on my skin. 
By the way I wrote all of this while having the treatment today, so what does that say about communications skills, they were zero. 
Will I ever go back, no never, I have completed my comparison so I know where I would prefer to have my treatments. 
The old saying “what you pay for is what you get”

Sher Moustafa